What to Bring and NOT To Bring With You To Your Interview

So you’ve just finished submitting your resume to a few different companies and you’ve landed an interview! Way to go! You’re one step closer to landing your dream job.

Now it’s time to prep and make it past that grueling interviewing process! Here are a few tips on what to bring and not to bring with you to your interview.

Do Bring:

  1. Do bring a few copies of your resume. You may meet with more than one person so it’s a good idea to have a few hard copies handy.
  2. Do bring a list of references. Having this available will put you one step ahead and shows that you are confident about your past reputation. An interested employer will almost always ask for references so it’s a good idea to have a list with you.
  3. Do bring a pen and notepad. Preferably a portfolio with a notepad and pockets to store your resume and references. Make sure your notepad is clean and simple without a design.
  4. If you carry a purse, make sure to only bring one bag. If you bring anything else with you make sure that it fits in your purse.
  5. Do dress in appropriate interview attire. For tips on what to wear refer to the following article: https://rubypeakrecruiting.com/dressing-for-an-interview/
  6. Do bring your best impression. Walk in to your interview with a smile and confidence. Make sure you researched the position and are knowledgeable of responsibilities and requirements for that particular position. You should also be knowledgeable of the company’s mission and show genuine interest in being a part of it.

Do Not Bring:

  1. Do not bring a friend along. It’s great to have moral support but bringing someone with you to your interview is unprofessional and can turn into an awkward situation.
  2. Do not bring your lunch or coffee along with you. If you bring water with you make sure to put it in your purse. For those without purses, hydrate yourself before or after your interview.
  3. Lastly, make sure your cell phone is turned off or on silent.
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