Interview Tip of the day

When interviewing for a temporary administrative assistant contract, take the interview as seriously as you would a direct-hire interview. Everyone understands that securing a direct-hire position is more desirable, but if a company has a need for a temp, they want to make sure the person they hire (and pay) is committed to doing a great job. Sounds like a reasonable and simple concept but keep it in mind the next time you go on a temp interview. Remember, they can only hire one person for that assignment and you will always have competition.

When talking through your resume and referring to past positions, don’t say things like “everyone loved me.” A better choice of words would be “everyone in the office got along really well.” It sounds more collaborative and less self-centered. This is particularly true when applying for Executive Assistant or Administrative Assistant positions because those positions are so highly focused on the assistant supporting other people, not the other way around.