Recruiting Services

Direct-Hire Recruiting & Temp Staffing in San Francisco

Direct Hire Recruiting

Ruby Peak Recruiting offers full-service and customized direct-hire recruiting across all industries in the San Francisco Bay Area. We match our business clients with the Bay Area’s most experienced, skilled, and relevant administrative candidates for administrative positions of all levels: Receptionist to Executive Assistant.  Each search is customized to meet the needs of clients and candidates alike. Our end-goal is to make sure our clients’ expectations are exceeded and our candidates find long term satisfaction in the positions we secure for them.  Everyone at Ruby Peak makes a special effort to get to know our clients and candidates as well as possible so that each individual client and candidate is understood and appreciated in a way that is unique to them.  With this strategy, each search takes on a life of its own and only the most authentic employee/employer matches are made.

Direct hire recruiting is an intense and personal process. The more we know about our clients’ needs, culture, and requirements, along with our candidate’s personal goals, skills, job history, and preferences, the better equipped we are to make meaningful, long term placements.  You set the parameters and we work tirelessly to deliver. The candidate screening process is thorough and customized for each search, while remaining collaborative with each candidate we interview along the way.

When sharing resumes and recommending candidates to clients, we believe less is more.  This means we interview a high volume of candidates daily but only recommend a very small number of selected candidates for each job opening.  This limits us to only recommending those candidates whom we feel will exceed our clients’ expectations every time.

Ruby Peak Recruiting is comprised of a talented team of career recruiters with years of experience matching talented, polished, ambitious and friendly employees with the best companies in the San Francisco Bay Area.  It has long been proven that companies are only as good as their employees and when it comes to direct-hire recruiting we encourage you to put Ruby Peak’s reputation and track record to the test against any competing firm in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Temporary Staffing

Temporary staffing is a great way to get a position filled quickly and/or see if someone is a good fit for a position without having to commit to a permanent hire. Here at Ruby Peak Recruiting, we specialize in Temporary Staffing San Francisco. We match workers with jobs to meet YOUR needs and under YOUR conditions. If you really like the staff member we sent you as a temp, you can offer a permanent position!

Temporary staffing in San Francisco accomplishes two things for you: it gets a position filled quickly so you can move forward with your business, and it gives you a risk-free way to see how an employee “fits” in your organization and in your job without having to make a permanent commitment to someone you’ve never worked with.

For employees, working with temporary staffing agencies in San Francisco is a great solution because you get to work fast – no waiting around for lengthy interview processes. If you and your employer are a good match, you may be hired for permanent work with them. If not, you can simply move to another position at the end of your temporary employment period.

At Ruby Peak Recruiting, we pride ourselves on offering the best Staffing Services in San Francisco. Contact us today to find work, or to find the perfect worker who will meet all your company’s needs!