Paint a Picture in your Resume

While reading Skill Up, Start Up, Speak Up: Expert Tips to Fire Up Your Job Search I came across a very valuable point that I’ve mentioned before but is worth mentioning again. The author mentions the importance of “painting a picture” for the hiring manager “Use your cover letter to draw clear lines between what the job requirements are and what you offer.” In other words, if you meet the criteria listed in the job description, literally point out to the hiring manager how you meet the criteria by addressing all of your transferable skills.

If one of the bullet points says you require a BA/BS, and you have completed your degree, mention that in your cover letter. If the company requires 5 years of experience as an Executive supporting C-level executives and you have 10 years, elaborate in your cover letter that you have so many years supporting high level executives and go into how you handled their schedules and so on.