Money Won’t Buy You Happiness!

Don’t let money be the sole deciding factor when choosing which job is most appropriate for you! This is one of the biggest mistakes people make. Remember, money won’t buy you happiness. Yes, everyone loves money and in many cases it can help keep people happy by avoiding unpaid bills that may lead to stress, the ability to splurge on vacations etc… But when deciding your next job opportunity, don’t let money be the only reason you do or do not decide to take a job, especially if it’s over a $5,000 pay difference. We understand if the difference in salary is $10,000+ that it might be the smartest choice for you to go with the higher paying job but if it’s less than that, really weigh in all factors, such as; Are you doing something you love? Do you believe in this company’s mission? Is there growth potential with this company? Does this help your future career goals?

Instead of solely basing your next position off of the salary offered, answer the questions asked above and if your answer is Yes to them and the compensation is competitive then go with that job opportunity! You’ll be a lot more happy in the long run!