Know How to Play your Position

In the spirit of Super Bowl 50 this past weekend, today’s tip is a fun analogy we thought you’d enjoy: Know How to Play your Position.

When interviewing for a job, know the role and the position’s requirements that you are interviewing for. This may sound like common sense to some, but as recruiters, we often get feedback from clients that candidates seem to be either looking to do more or less than what the position requires. The phrases “less is more” or “the more the merrier” do not apply here. In comparison to football: just like each player has one role on the field, so does each employee. Play your position and stick to that one role you applied to. There’s nothing wrong with going above and beyond your requirements, most employers will appreciate that, but try and save the effort for when you get an offer. We say this because although some employers may admire your ambition, others may find that the role they have available will eventually be too simple for you and lead you to quickly look for something else that keeps you more occupied. Remember, stability and longevity is key for employers. Just like on a football team where each player holds a certain role on the field, each employee in a company holds certain responsibilities in the office.

Quarterback’s don’t play the wide receiver or cornerback’s roles on the field. Each role is equally as important and collectively makes a team able to play the game of football. It’s important to show the interviewer that you know your role and are happy with sticking to them. Always offer to do more and help wherever help is needed but hold off to show your eagerness until you get the job.

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