Recruiting FAQ’s

Our Frequently Asked Questions about Recruiting and Staffing

1. What Services do we provide?

Here at Ruby Peak Recruiting, we are a recruiting firm in San Francisco. This means that we go out and find the talent you need to make your business thrive. We do the legwork of finding people, we go through the headache of reading all the resumes, and we sit through all the interviews to find the worker who will be perfect for your position.

We also offer temporary staffing in San Francisco. If you just need a worker for a short period of time, or if you would prefer to give an employee a trial period instead of giving a permanent job offer, we will provide the worker for the temporary period you need.

2. What is Direct Hire Recruiting?

With direct hire recruitment, we find the ideal candidate or a short list of ideal candidates for you, and it’s up to you to hire them. Our job as your recruiting firm in San Francisco is to make the connections and to find someone who will be perfect for you – and for whom you will be the perfect job. Once you hire them directly, we’re out of the picture, at least until you have another position you need to fill.

3. What is Temporary Placement?

With temporary placement, we actually hire the employee and place them in your open position. The employee is paid by us, and at the end of the temporary employment we will move the employee to another position and give you a new temporary employee, if you still need someone to fill the position. Or you can take an option to offer your temporary employee a permanent position.

Temporary placement is a popular choice from Ruby Peak Recruiting, your premier Staffing Agency in San Francisco. Temp hiring allows you to give employees a risk-free trial period. If the employee isn’t a good fit, there are no legal hoops to jump through to find someone who will be a better fit once the temporary employment period is over. On the other hand, if the employee is perfect for the job, you can offer them a permanent position.

4. How do we find great talent?

This is a perennial question that bosses, human resources professionals, and recruiters always have. There are many talented, hardworking, and highly motivated people in the San Francisco area, but it is always a challenge to find someone who will be the perfect fit for your position.

When you post a job opening, you are likely to get many applications and resumes in response. It would seem like a very good thing to be able to have many applicants to choose from, but it can also be overwhelming. You want to give each person a fair chance, but if there are just too many people to sort through then time becomes a problem. You might miss someone who would have been the perfect fit for your position simply because you could not take the time to read through all of the resumes, or because their cover letter didn’t stand out from the crowd enough.

Sometimes, people who interview well and have exceptional resumes do not actually perform as well at the job as you expect. And for many jobs, the skills needed to do the job well have nothing to do with writing resumes, so a standard application process actually doesn’t tell you anything about whether the people applying would be good for the job.

This is why you need a recruiter. At Ruby Peak Recruiting, our recruiting team finds the talent for your San Francisco company or job opening. We work with you to find out exactly what you are looking for, and then we go out and find the perfect employee for your business.

5. Why work with a Recruiter?

Any company with an HR department has people who can hire and fire employees, so why work with a third party? Couldn’t your HR department take care of finding the employees you need and hiring them?

HR professionals have to do many things other than just finding talent. Your HR department is taking care of everything from policies to harassment complaints, and everything in between. When they go through applications and find someone to hire, they’ve had to do it in between all the other tasks they already have to take care of.

At Ruby Peak Recruiting, finding talent is all we do. You have our undivided attention when it comes to understanding exactly what you are looking for in an employee. Since we help so many clients find the excellent talent they need, we can capitalize on the sheer scale of our venture – we know our prospective employees just like we know our employers, and we won’t accidentally pass by someone who would have been perfect for the job in favor of someone less perfect simply because they had a nicer looking resume or cover letter.

6. How does it work?

At Ruby Peak Recruiting, we offer direct hire recruiting and temporary employment recruiting. Direct hire recruiting is where we find one or several employees who match your criteria and would fit in well with your company, and you can hire them directly. Temporary employment recruiting is where we actually place an employee in a temporary position in your company. They work for you and are paid by us, and at the end of the temporary job you can choose whether or not to hire them permanently.

We match the work to the job, and the job to the work. As your premier recruiting firm in San Francisco, our reputation depends on you loving the employee we match you up with. We make sure that everyone is happy all around – that you are happy with the employee we match you with, and that the employee is happy with the job.

If you are looking for Staffing Services in San Francisco to help your Bay Area business find the talent you need, you have come to the right place at Ruby Peak Recruiting!