Fatal Resume Mistakes

Avoid these Fatal Resume Mistakes before your Interview

Typos and grammatical errors on your resume and cover letter can be fatal mistakes. The ability to spell correctly is a basic skill everyone should posses. Such errors show potential employers that you lack these basic skills and most likely aren’t capable of performing well. Remember that spell check doesn’t catch everything​,​ so proofreading your work is extremely important. Common grammatical errors include using the wrong possessive or contraction. For example, when describing something belonging to you, the proper form of the possessive is “your,” not “you’re.” Other common mistakes include the improper use of homophones such as; “too,” “two,” and “to.” Also, be consistent in your use of tense​. If you’re ​writing​ in past tense, make sure you stick to it. Same goes with if you’re writing in present tense. Proofread, proofread​,​ then proofread again!

Your resume is the first impression you will be making on potential employers so make it a good introduction! Don’t cost yourself the job due to basic spelling and grammatical errors. If you’re interviewing for an Executive Assistant position, remember that as an Executive Assistant you are expected to pay very close attention to detail, be extremely organized and have well written and verbal communication skills. Your resume is a great way to show the interviewer that you are capable of all these things and more.

How Ruby Peak Recruiting can Help

As the premier staffing company in San Francisco, our job at Ruby Peak Recruiting is to match workers with employers. We want you to be happy in your job, and we want your employer to be happy with you. That is why we go out of our way to find the best possible job match both for you and for the employer. Our reputation depends on happy employer-employee relationships, which is why you can trust us to find you the best job in town. We have a long list of satisfied clients and employees. Trust Ruby Peak Recruiting for all your staffing solutions and temporary staffing needs in San Francisco and the Bay Area!

What are the different hiring options at Ruby Peak Recruiting?

We work with companies in San Francisco and the Bay Area in a variety of different ways to meet their individual hiring needs. This translates into more flexibility for you, too! Here are some of the options you can take advantage of when you look for a job at Ruby Peak Recruiting. We have Executive Assistant, Administrative Assistant, Office Manager, Receptionist and many more positions in all industries such as Venture Capital, Technology, Investment Banking, Executive Search and Marketing.

  1. Temporary staffing
  2. Temp-to-hire
  3. Direct hire recruitment