Executive Assistant Interview

Executive Assistant and Administrative Assistant positions

When interviewing for an Executive or Administrative Assistant position, the focus of the conversation should be what you (as a great assistant) can do for them – not the other way around.

The essence of any administrative support position is customer service based, with your “customer” being the person or team you support. So, during the interview show them that this is the type of person you are. If you are too aggressive in your interview style by asking questions about why they would be a great company or boss, you are sending the wrong signal. Rather, take the approach of figuring out how you can help them, ask those questions. That is the personality type most likely to be hired in a support role.

What Can you Do for Me? … questions

There is a time and place for asking “what-can-you-do-for-me” questions, but cross those bridges much later in the interview process. Setting the right tone early on is much more important.

When interviewing for a temporary administrative assistant contract, take the interview as seriously as you would a direct-hire interview. Everyone understands that securing a direct-hire position is more desirable, but if a company has a need for a temp, they want to make sure the person they hire (and pay) is committed to doing a great job. Sounds like a reasonable and simple concept but keep it in mind the next time you go on a temp interview. Remember, they can only hire one person for that assignment and you will always have competition.

How do we prepare you for the perfect Staffing Interview?

The basic procedure goes like this: you tell us that you need a position filled. We sit down with you and find out everything there is to know about the desired position and about your goals. We make notes of all the skills that will be required, and everything your employer will be looking for.

We also learn about your culture so that we can make sure that the company we match you with will be a good fit. It is just as important to make sure that the employee is happy in the job as that the employer is happy with the employee. Once we have found a company we think will be perfect for the job, we connect the two of you.

You might want to do a direct hire recruitment, or you might want to do a temporary placement.