How to Properly Dress for an Interview

Although your personal skills; demeanor and ability to be lucid in your responses are what’s most important, your choice of attire also plays a key role in the interview process. Your appearance is the first thing the interviewer will notice, and first impressions play a critical role in the decision-making process. Make sure you wear something you are comfortable and confident in. Just like the law of attraction, you get back the energy that you put out. Wear something that exudes confidence and shows the employer that you care about the way you look and how you represent yourself. Remember when you are an employee somewhere, wherever you go you are a representation of that company as well. In addition to your attire, you should also be aware of your choice in accessories. You don’t want to distract the interviewer with excessive makeup, jewelry, perfume/cologne and choice of nails design. Remember that you should be the center of attention, not your appearance. And it’s just unpleasant to be around someone whose perfume/cologne is too strong. Also, when getting your bi-weekly nail maintenance keep in mind a short clean look is best way to go. It can be very distracting and remember┬áless is always more!

At times, you may be able to look up the company’s dress code, so dress accordingly.

As a rule of thumb: when you’re getting ready for a job interview, make sure your attire is appropriate and form-fitting. Avoid over accessorizing and keep your makeup subtle. Ditch anything flashy by sticking to things that aren’t too revealing and going with solid colors. If you’re applying for any type of administrative position, your go-to outfit should be a business suit. For everything else keep it professional by choosing a business casual outfit. Show the interviewer that you have an understanding of business etiquette. You can never go wrong with sticking to all black, and neutral colors.