Don’t Show Up Too Early To A Job Interview

Showing up too early to a job interview can be just as bad as showing up late.

So how early is too early? Realistically, you should show up on time; meaning arriving no more than 5-10 minutes early. Unless directed otherwise, showing up any earlier than that is just unecessary. Here’s why; the interviewer scheduled you to come in at a certain time for a reason and showing up earlier can just add stress to the interviewer’s day. The interviewer will more than likely be busy and unable to attend to you any earlier and it’s awkward to just be hanging around in the waiting room. It’s possible that there might be an important team meeting or event scheduled at the time and walking in on that can leave a bad impression.

Make sure you give yourself enough time to avoid any factors that can make you late, but remember, arriving too early shows a lack of job etiquette and can leave a bad first impression.