Don’t Burn Bridges as an Employee!

Piggy backing off of our previous post, today’s tip of the day is: don’t burn bridges. Whether you were laid off, or decided to quit, it’s never a good idea to leave a job on a bad note. It’s a given that during your work tenure you might not be fond of a boss or two, and maybe even some colleagues, but leaving your job doesn’t make it okay to express your discontent. There’s no potential benefit to doing so and it can only disadvantage you. By burning bridges you’re only belittling your future opportunities. If it’s your choice to resign, do it gracefully.

Give notice in advance, preferably no shorter than two weeks, by writing a formal resignation letter. If you have any lingering projects try to finish them before your departure and if possible, offer to help find your replacement. Here’s why; more than likely you will be looking for another job and will need good references. You want your previous boss to vouch that you’re reliable and hard working. Also, you never know who your previous colleagues might know, so you want to make sure you maintain a good relationship with everyone in your networking circle.

In a nut shell, when resigning do it gracefully. When asked why you are leaving, or when told why you are being let go, make sure to mention how appreciative you are for the opportunity to have worked there and keep it positive.