Direct Hire Recruiting San Francisco

Specializing in Administrative Recruiting in the Bay Area

For companies with a critical hiring need, and for hard-working individuals looking for an exceptional new position, Ruby Peak Recruiting’s Direct-Hire Division is committed to exceeding your expectations. Referrals are the backbone of our company and our success depends critically on your positive experience. Our reputation is only as good as our last placement.

Simply put, Ruby Peak thrives in areas where other agencies fall short

For our clients, we listen intently to your specific hiring needs, offering experienced counsel when appropriate.  We screen candidates diligently and cautiously. We only recommend the most relevant, skilled, and exceptional candidates, making sure they are within your predetermined salary and commute limits.  We work quickly, efficiently, and tirelessly until an offer is successfully extended and accepted.

For our candidates, we understand the difference between a “job” and a “career.”  When interviewing with us, we encourage you to be yourself.  Let us get to know you, your skills, your work style, and all the elements you are seeking in a new position. We promise to stay true to them as we search for only the most relevant positions on your behalf.  While we can’t guarantee successful search results for all of our candidates, we strive to help all of our candidates in some way – resume critique, interview preparation, and industry insight are all areas of expertise we are happy to share.

We specialize in the following areas for Direct-Hire Recruiting

  • Reception
  • Office Manager
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Executive Assistant
  • Chief of Staff

Executive Administrative Assistant

Are you looking for an Executive Administrative Assistant in the San Francisco or Bay Area? Or are you an Executive Administrative Assistant looking for a position in your ideal company? If so, Ruby Peak Recruiting is the Job Recruiter for you! We match people with their ideal jobs in the San Francisco area. Whether you are looking for temporary staffing in San Francisco or for direct hire recruiting in San Francisco, Ruby Peak Recruiting can get you the staff you need with the skillset to get the job done.

Executive Administrative Assistants are an under-appreciated and completely essential part of any company. They are the oil that keeps everything flowing smoothly. When you hire for an Executive Administrative Assistant in San Francisco, you are looking for someone who can create schedules, keep track of minutes in meetings, make appointments, keep all your information organized, and get everything done in the background so that you can focus on what you need to do: running your business. Obviously, this is a job that not just anyone can do. At Ruby Peak Recruiting, we will connect you with the best Executive Administrative Assistants in the San Francisco area, so that you can move forward with your business knowing that all your organization is in capable hands.

Senior Administrative Assistant

A Senior Administrative Assistant in a company helps to keep everything flowing smoothly by answering phone calls, directing callers and visitors to the right people, and keeping the office organized. If you are a Senior Administrative Assistant in the San Francisco Bay Area who is looking for a position where you can make use of your considerable talents, or if you represent a company in the San Francisco Bay Area that is looking for a Senior Administrative Assistant, you have come to the right place at Ruby Peak Recruiting! We facilitate Direct Hire Recruiting as well as Temporary Staffing in the San Francisco area to meet your company’s needs and requirements.

Junior Administrative Assistant

Are you looking for a talented, qualified, and professional Junior Administrative Assistant in the San Francisco Bay Area? At Ruby Peak Recruiting, we offer Direct Hire Recruiting for any and all positions you have open. We will match you with a selection of highly qualified, highly talented individuals who are eager to join your team. When you choose to hire for a Junior Administrative Assistant through Ruby Peak Recruiting, you get access to the best talent on the market.

Are you a worker with extraordinary organizational skills, a cheerful and can-do attitude, and the ability to make people feel welcomed and taken care of? You might have what it takes to be a Junior Administrative Assistant at one of the many businesses that Ruby Peak Recruiting works with. As a Junior Administrative Assistant, your duties are to greet visitors, answer phone calls, keep schedules, make appointments, keep supplies organized, take notes at meetings, follow up with communications, and generally keep everything running smoothly. This is an important function in a company, because without it all the other work of the company would come to a grinding halt! If you think you have what it takes to be a Junior Administrative Assistant at one of Ruby Peak Recruiting’s many clients, contact us today for an application.

Entry Level Administrative Assistant

Are you interested in entering the corporate world but not sure where to start? Do you have skills at organizing and taking care of customers? Here at Ruby Peak Recruiting, we have companies looking for Entry Level Administrative Assistants to help with office organization and customer care.

An Entry Level Administrative Assistant is someone who is willing to begin at the bottom and do the hard work to be able to learn the skills to do the important and valuable work of an administrative assistant. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have experience as an Administrative Assistant already – everyone has to start out somewhere. When you apply for an Entry Level Administrative Assistant job with Ruby Peak Recruiting, we will match you with one of our clients who has a position open, based on your skills, personality, and goals. This is a great opportunity to access Direct Hire Recruiting and to be able to start a new job as soon as possible!


Are you a friendly person whose warm smile makes everyone feel welcome? Working reception can be hard work, but very rewarding. If you are looking for a job in reception, let Ruby Peak Recruiting help you with our Direct Hire Recruiting services in San Francisco! We work with some of the top companies in the Bay Area and the San Francisco Area to make sure that workers are matched up with their dream jobs, and employers are matched up with their dream employees!

Are you a business in the San Francisco area who is looking for a talented, motivated, and professional individual to work in a reception position for you? Here at Ruby Peak Recruiting, we have the best workers in the area, ready and waiting to take jobs. Let us match you with a great employee! We will talk with you about your needs and requirements, and then hook you up with a list of potential hires who match all your needs and who would fit in with your corporate culture. Give us a call today to find the best candidate for your reception position!

Office Manager

The job of Office Manager is an extremely important position for any business. The Office Manager keeps things organized in the office so that everyone else can do their jobs. Without an Office Manager, everything grinds to a halt as there’s no toner in the printer, the calendars aren’t updated, the paperwork isn’t in its proper place, and no one knows where anything is. A good office manager really is the heart and soul of the office. Do you have what it takes to be an office manager? Contact Ruby Peak Recruiting today. We have clients looking for office managers and administrative assistants to meet their companies’ needs every day.

Are you a company in the Bay Area or San Francisco area looking for an Office Manager? You have come to the right place at Ruby Peak Recruiting! As your premiere Staffing Agency in San Francisco, we match you up with the perfect candidates to fill your position and meet all your needs. We work with you to understand what you require in a candidate, and then we match you up with people who meet your requirements and fit in with your company culture. Contact Ruby Peak Recruiting today for your next office manager direct hire!