Creating Multiple Versions of your Resume

Nobody wants to be put in a box and I think we can all agree that having a wide range of skills, experience, and interests should be an asset for any employer. However, remember that you can only be hired for one job at a time, so don’t overshoot the position for which you are applying. Although, those are great qualities employers look for in Executive Assistant, Administrative Assistants and so on, they want to make sure you can apply all of that to one job and be happy doing so.

One solution is to create multiple versions of your resume, which highlight the most relevant aspects of your background as they pertain to a variety of job openings. Send resumes that best capture your relevance to the job at hand. As long as all versions of your resume are true and accurate, you have every right to have multiple resumes. However, be mindful of what you name them and save them as.

Consider this: Naming your resume “Jane Smith Executive Assistant” may give hiring managers the impression that you have other resumes out there with different job titles, and that you are shopping around by applying to a broad range of positions. If this is true and they find another resume online with a different focus, it will be evident that you’re not sure what you really want to do. As mentioned above, when applying to any position, the employer wants to know your focus is on that position, and that position only.

So, make your resume differences in content only and not evident in the name the document is saved under. Rather, keep the title of your resume limited to your name, “Jane Smith.doc.”

Using the  job description as a road map to altering your resume

When looking for a specific job, it’s always a good idea to use the job description as a road map to altering your resume. As mentioned above, it’s okay to have different versions of your resume that are specific to each job you are applying for. Companies look through hundreds of resumes each day so make yours stand out by using the described responsibilities as key words in your resume. Example; if the Executive Assistant position you are applying for lists heavy calendaring or extensive domestic and international travel coordination as some of their key responsibilities make sure you add that experience in recent relevant positions.   Just make sure that you are honest and actually have the experience you are claiming to have. Always remember that when you are applying for jobs, it’s not about what they can do for you, rather what you can do for them. So don’t hesitate to elaborate on what experience you might have that the company is looking for. This is by far the best  way to stand out and separate yourself from the rest.

Showing a track record of stability

In addition to the aforementioned,  another way of standing out is by showing longevity in your resume. Employers look for stability and a proven track record reflected on your resume will help them filter through the pile. They want to know that if they invest time and energy into you that you will do the same. A resume filled with several different positions with short periods of time only tell the employer that you get bored easily and after just a few months you will move on to your next  position.

In today’s competitive market employers want the best of the best. If you use the helpful tips provided above and in our blog posts you’ll be sure to stand out.