Be Yourself in your Interview

Interview tip of the day: Be yourself! Have a genuine conversation and use words that come naturally to you. Refrain from trying too hard to come across a certain way. Employers need to feel confident that they are having an authentic conversation with you so that they can visualize who they are really hiring long term – not just on the day of the interview. Using fancy words to say simple things can work against you because it gives the impression that you are scripted, or faking your way through the interview. Take a chance and let your guard down.

Things Not to Say in your Interview

When talking through your resume and referring to past positions, don’t say things like “everyone loved me.” A better choice of words would be “everyone in the office got along really well.” It sounds more collaborative and less self-centered. This is particularly true when applying for Executive Assistant or Administrative Assistant positions because those positions are so highly focused on the assistant supporting other people, not the other way around. Also, when asked that really tough question, “What are your greatest weaknesses?” make sure your answer doesn’t make you sound arrogant but also doesn’t disqualify you. Refer to our blog post for further guidance on the best ways to answer these questions.

Are you looking for a job in San Francisco?

Do you feel nervous about turning in resumes and then sitting for interviews where you are scrutinized and put on the spot? No worries, we will help you prepare for your interview and answer any questions you have before sending you off to any client. We can also conduct mock interviews to help relive any stress you may have before interviewing.

Ruby Peak Recruiting is a professional staffing agency in San Francisco that can help you get into a job that is perfect for your skills and personality. Employers come to us asking for talented employees to fill their highly sought-after positions. We match them with the people who we think will be best for the job. The next job we place could be you!

What does a staffing agency do?

At Ruby Peak Recruiting, we match employers with employees. On one side, we have businesses coming to us and trusting us to find extraordinary talent for their open positions. On the other hand, we have talented workers, like you, coming to us looking for jobs.

We don’t match just any workers with any jobs. We carefully evaluate you to find out what your strengths and weaknesses are, what corporate culture you would work best in, and all other pertinent details. We also carefully evaluate our clients, the businesses that want positions filled, to find out exactly what their requirements are and what sort of corporate culture they have.

Our job is to make a great fit between employer and employee. We want your new boss to be happy with you, and we want you to be happy in your new job. Out of the hundreds of positions we have open, we will work to find the job that is best for you.

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