What makes you a good Executive Assistant?

We found this article to be very interesting.

Here are some key attributes that make for a good Executive Assistant:

  1. Good Communication – this includes communication via phone, e-mail, in person etc… Communication is key in every aspect of your life!
  2. Always give your full attention – make sure you listen to everything thrown at you so you don’t miss any important deadlines, meetings etc.. This brings me to the third point.
  3. Be organized – being an executive’s assistant is a tough job, it’s very fast paced, so being organized is key to staying on top of deadlines and prioritizing. Always have a notebook and pen handy  to jot down those tasks when they’re thrown at you. I would suggest always writing the date at the top of your sheet to help prioritize. Do this with a new sheet every day.  Transferring your notes on to an excel document to have record of it on a computer in case you somehow lose your sheet full of notes is also a great idea.
  4. Be a problem solver – recognize a problem as it is arising and try and solve it before it even becomes a problem. Being proactive and preventing a problem saves you a lot more time and energy than dealing with a problem after it happens and finding a solution to it.
  5. Be tech savvy – and if you aren’t teach yourself how to. This is the era of social media and technology, it’s becoming more and more prevalent and you don’t want to be left behind. If you are out of date with a certain gadget don’t worry, you can almost learn how to use anything via YouTube tutorials.
  6. Team Work – since adolescence one is taught the importance of team work. This is no different in your adult career life, a strong team is the foundation of a successful company.

Some other points that aren’t mentioned in the article but we thought are important are

  1. Be accessible – make sure you are available and accessible. As an executive assistant, it is crucial that your Executive is able to reach you at all times. For example, most Executives constantly travel internationally and are in different time zones so while it may be midnight where you are, it may be a lot earlier where your Executive is while he/she reaches out to you for assistance with something.
  2. Be trustworthy – your executive must be able to rely on your discretion

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