Ruby Peak Recruiting – San Francisco, CA

Ruby Peak Recruiting specializes in direct-hire recruiting in a wide range of industries in San Francisco, Silicon Valley and the East Bay. We offer a diverse candidate pool of skilled, experienced, and motivated Executive and Administrative assistants eligible immediately throughout the entire Bay Area. Hundreds of San Francisco and surrounding Bay Area’s best known and most respected companies have entrusted Ruby Peak Recruiting to source and identify top talent for their Administrative Support, Executive Assistant and Administrative Assistant positions. We look forward to showing you what makes Ruby Peak Recruiting a uniquely productive and professional recruiting service provider.


Direct Hire Recruiting in San Francisco, CA

Speed, efficiency, and quality control are the foundation for all direct-hire searches. When clients contact Ruby Peak for direct hire recruiting, they will quickly find that our first priority is to fully understand and help clients determine how their hiring needs are unique.  Many positions appear to be identical on paper from one to the next, but we want to know what makes your company tick, what types of employees thrive there, and what challenges you have faced in the past when hiring for similar roles.  By doing this, we ensure that we recommend an agreed upon number of only the most relevant, hand-picked candidates to our clients for any given job opening.  Our intention with every resume submission is to exceed our clients’ expectations.  You will often hear recruiters at Ruby Peak explain that when it comes to resume and candidate recommendations, we would rather recommend no one at all than recommend a candidate who falls short of our clients’ needs and expectations.  We interview a high volume of candidates daily in person and screen diligently so that we limit our resume submissions to only the top few contenders. Clients who provide specific feedback are listened to intently, allowing us to make corrections to each search as we go based upon the direction they provide. We listen intently to the specific feedback provided by our clients allowing us to make corrections to each search as we go. Clients who aren’t able to provide detailed feedback benefit from our years of expertise and insight in knowing which candidates will be most compelling to them.  To learn more about our process and what sets us apart, contact Ruby Peak Recruiting and let us assist you with all of your Direct Hire Recruiting needs in San Francisco and the Bay Area!


Temp-To-Hire Services San Francisco

Temp-To-Hire Recruiting: Many companies like to do a trial run before they hire someone for a permanent position. Temp to hire recruiting is the best way to do this. We place an employee in your temporary position and you can see how they do the job. If you like them, you can hire them. If not, we’ll give you someone else. For employees, temporary staffing is a great way to prove yourself at the job directly instead of stressing out about resumes and interviewing.

Temporary Staffing:*As of May, 2021, Ruby Peak Recruiting no longer offers temporary staffing services but we will be happy to personally introduce you to our trusted third-party provider who can handle all of your long and short-term temporary staffing needs. For more information, contact david@rubypeakrecruiting or call 415-902-2279.


Contract Work Services San Francisco

Temporary contracts are great for workers who know they can only work for a specific amount of time. For example, students can get great temp jobs during the holiday period when school is out of session, and then return to school after the holiday rush is over. Many other businesses end up cutting hours during the holiday period because of seasonal fluctuations, which makes it the perfect time to pick up a temp part-time position.

If you are looking for a temporary contract services in San Francisco area, contact Ruby Peak Recruiting today to be matched with a great job. And if you are a business looking to hire seasonal employees, let Ruby Peak Recruiting match you up with some of the best talent on the market! Contact Ruby Peak Recruiting today to find out more about our Temporary Contract Work Staffing services.


Office Manager Recruiting San Francisco

The job of Office Manager is an extremely important position for any business. The Office Manager keeps things organized in the office so that everyone else can do their jobs. Without an Office Manager, everything grinds to a halt as there’s no toner in the printer, the calendars aren’t updated, the paperwork isn’t in its proper place, and no one knows where anything is. A good office manager really is the heart and soul of the office.

Do you have what it takes to be an office manager or are you looking for that perfect fit for your office manager position? Trust Ruby Peak Recruiting for your Office Manager Recruiting needs in San Francisco. We have clients looking for office managers and administrative assistants to meet their companies’ needs every day. Contact Ruby Peak Recruiting today if you are interested in recruiting for an office manager role.


Administrative Assistant Recruiting San Francisco

Whether you are looking for an executive assistant or an entry level assistant, Ruby Peak should be your first choice for finding the right candidate. We have placed hundreds of Executive Administrative Assistants, Senior Administrative Assistants, Junior Administrative Assistants, Entry Level Administrative Assistants and receptionists in the Bay Area. If you looking for an Administrative Assistant in the San Francisco or Bay Area, you have come to the right place. If you are currently an Executive Administrative Assistant looking for a position in your ideal company, Ruby Peak Recruiting can help you as well. We match people with their ideal jobs in the San Francisco area. Whether you are looking for temporary staffing in San Francisco or for direct hire recruiting in San Francisco, Ruby Peak Recruiting can get you the staff you need with the skillset to get the job done. Contact Ruby Peak Recruiting for all your Administrative Assistant Recruiting needs in San Francisco and the Bay Area!